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my name is Luigi Pianese

Hi! My name is Luigi Pianese, andI’m a physical therapist passionate about manual therapy. I have always been very curious about everything that has to do with health.

That’s why I specialised in manual therapy using both the joint and myofascial manipulation approaches and the best techniques in this field to try to give the best and most effective answers to all my patients.

Like many other colleagues, for most of my day and my week,I’m busy trying to solve my patients’ problems both at the physical therapy centre, where I coordinate all the technical aspects,and at my private practice in Rome.

At the end of the day, I often had a problem. I had managed to make many people feel better, but my hands were aching terribly.


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the Fascial Full® project


So, I started looking for tools that could help me manage my workload better while making me work faster and more effectively. That’s right! Because I also needed to spare more time for writing papers and more leisure time.

I bought different kinds of tools made of wood, plastic, and “steel”. But the results were nowhere close to what I wanted. The wooden ones had to be thrown away after use because they couldn’t be cleaned appropriately. What’s more, it looked more like an ash talisman against vampires than a safe and effective IASTM tool. Plastic was another failure.

These tools were like colourful toys that would break easily with the risk of hurting my patient and me. Then, there were the steel ones, or at least, sothey called themselves. These tools turned out to be terrible, badly made, badly welded, cold in contact with the skin, and even the quality of the material wasn’t up to standard.

Over time, my research led me to design a tool that had the features I was looking for: effective, safe for the patients and for me, easy to carry, easy to clean, and high-quality. But something was missing. A suitable material. Then, some engineer friends of mine who designed and developed completely different products came up with the answer: aluminium. But not just any kind of aluminium. Aviation-grade aluminium. Lightweight and rustproof.

There, that was exactly what I was looking for. I tested the first prototype for more than 1 year before developing the final version, which I tested for almost another year, after which other colleagues saw it and tested it too. At last, I had found the tool that I was looking for. And what a tool!

A tool like no other in the world, which I first used in my clinical practice before letting other colleagues try it. And all the colleagues who tried it had the same impression that I had.

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