Fascial Full™️ – Professional IASTM


Fascial Full® PRO is the First Professional IASTM with an ergonomic design that allows you to be +Effective + Efficient and +Precise in your Fascial treatments with ZERO stress on your hands.


Surgical Steel

Weight: 300 grams

Free PDF guide on how to operate

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Fascial Full™️ is the definitive Professional IASTM tool made in Surgical Steel chosen and used with effectiveness and satisfaction by hundreds of professional people for myofascial therapy.
It is UNIQUE in the world for many reasons. Here are some of its unique features:
  • It is the first Professional IASTM with an Ergonomics designed for the operator that allows +Effectiveness +Efficiency and +Precision in treatments.
  • It’s the only IASTM that saves hands in the world.
  • It is possible to disinfect and clean the instrument quickly and easily after each use.

It has a characteristic ERGONOMIC shape that allows a polyvalent use with its 3 tips and not only, the handle itself is a working tool. The Fascial Full™️ is a very complete tool in one tool. You can use it both in tip or touch mode using its 3 different tips and in edge mode with the edge of the handle useful to vascularize the areas to be treated.

  • It allows you to work SAVING your fingers.
  • It allows you to safeguard the integrity of your patient’s skin (not only do you save your hands but there are no nails that could leave unpleasant marks during fingertip).
  • It allows you to be more precise and faster.
  • It allows you to work with the last patient with the same quality as the first one of your day.

Here are some of the operating modes in which the Fascial Full™️ is an extraordinary tool:

  • Deep Transverse Massage by Cyriax also called “deep friction”;
  • SoftFibrolisi;
  • Fascia Manipulation (All methods codified);
  • Trigger point;
  • Shiatsu;
  • Connective Massage;
  • Digitopressure;
  • Plantar reflexology;
  • Adjuvant for KinesioTape: It allows you, through the use of its special “spatula” tip, to create a local hyperemia and consequent greater vascularization that allow a better grip of the tape and a better fascial sliding of the treated tissues that also allow a better functional and biomechanical performance of the tape.

And if you’re wondering…

  1. What makes some professionals more effective than others?
  2. What’s the difference that helps make a difference?
  3. How can you work harder and better?
  4. How can you undo the overload and the pain in your hands?

FASCIAL FULL™️ is the answer to these questions. A UNIQUE tool in a UNIQUE Tool.

Fascial Full™️ is a very INTUITIVE and easy to manage tool. Anyway, while you’re waiting for the Fascial Full™️ to arrive, I’m giving you the digital file “Operating Mode Guide” with many practical photographic illustrations that you can start reading and studying right away and that will allow you to take advantage of all the unique features of your Fascial Full™️.

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